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Design Tips from Off the Wall Interiors – Theme ‘Senses Touch’

Design Tips from Off the Wall Interiors – Theme ‘Senses Touch’

A space will only truly reach its full potential when it is designed to engage as many senses as possible. Here are some design tips to consider!

Today’s focus: Touch

  • Sometimes you decorate a room:
  • Paint – check
  • Furniture – check
  • Accessories – check 
  • Lighting – check

Yet something is still missing, the room just feels a little flat… What you’re missing, is probably texture. Texture can give a room depth, making it feel finished.

Our sense of touch can be engaged with the use of tactile materials that give pleasure through the way they feel. However, in interior design, texture is not just about the way objects feel, but also about the perceived sense of touch. You can engage your sense of touch just by looking at surfaces that stand out from their surroundings and have a tactile quality. Rough textures can make a space feel more intimate and ‘warm’, while smooth textures feel ‘cooler’ and bring a sleek, more modern tone to a room. Whatever look or feel you are going for, the introduction of texture will elevate your design.

  • Ways to add texture to a space include:
  • Soft furnishings (throws, cushions, rugs, curtains…) in various materials – velvet, chenille, wool, tweed, linen, leather…
  • Furniture – wood, tile, marble, metals, stone…
  • Flooring – wood, tile, carpet, marble, concrete…
  • Architectural elements – mouldings, paneling…
  • Wall coverings – textured paint treatments, textured wallpaper, brick, stone…
  • Accessories – marble, metal, wood, glass, bone…
  • Plants

Avoid overloading a space with too much of the same texture – a velvet sofa, with a velvet cushion and a velvet throw, on a velvety rug is probably too much velvet! Subtly layer contrasting textures to really bring a space to life.

Tips were written by Nisha, founder of Off the Wall Interiors – a London based Interior Design Studio, specialising in residential and boutique commercial projects. www.offthewallinteriors.co.uk

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