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Ducky Back to Wall Pan Combined Bidet
Ducky Combined BidetDucky Combined Bidet

Ducky Back to Wall Pan Combined Bidet


The Ducky Back to Wall Pan Combined Bidet Coupled Back to Wall Pan Combined Bidet will be a delightful experience for your little loved ones. This toilet has a charming form and brings vibrancy alongside outstanding quality.
The Ducky Combined Bidet is a combination bidet, a WC with dual functionality. There is a hole inside the rim area of the toilet and this is where the bidet nozzle sits. Combination bidets are both eco friendly for our environment and can save you a great deal of space, leaving you a bathroom experience you can not get stultified by any time soon.
This WC is also available without the combined bidet.

Creavit is a company founded on principles that are designed to ensure the best customer satisfaction and quality of product. Backed by a 12 year guarantee on their products, Creavit care about long-term use, durability, functionality, aesthetics and environmental sensitivity of every product they create.

– Height: 305mm
– Width: 300mm
– Depth: 550mm
– Overall Height: 835mm
– Cistern Width: 337mm
– Back to Wall Combined Bidet
– Ducky Cistern: DC400
– Ducky Duroplast Soft Closing Seat & Cover: KC3671.Y0
– Dual Flushing Mechanism with Cable: IT5030
– Concealed Shut Off Valve 1/2″
– Caleffi Thermostatic Mixing Valve TMV2 TMV3 15mm (WRAS Approved)
– Eco friendly

*Please note* the price includes the combination bidet with the soft closing seat and cover. For seat and cover prices only please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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