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Ducky Joyful Towel Ring

Ducky Joyful Towel Ring


Ducky Towel Ring

Ducky Towel Ring is part of the vibrant Ducky Joyful Bathroom family. Set in brilliant yellow colour which is the ultimate best seller here, at Lovasi.

It is one of a kind! The Ducky Towel Ring is perfect kids bathroom necessity. You can decorate your bathroom, cloakroom or powder room with one of the happiest colours out there – YELLOW. Yellow is a wonderful highlight colour which works well to draw attention to any key item in your house. With this towel ring you can make your bathroom traditional, or take a modern approach. Be bright, be bold!

About Creavit

Creavit is a company founded on principles that are designed to ensure the best customer satisfaction and quality of the product. Backed by a 12 year guarantee on their products, Creavit cares about long-term use, durability, functionality, aesthetics, and environmental sensitivity of every product they create.

– High quality
– The top company in the sector with the lowest carbon emission rates in Europe CO2
– Produced in superior technology
– Expert staff and production facilities with world standards
– In line with this understanding
– Manufactured with heat recycling system and environmentally friendly 111 meter long tunnel oven

Creavit has fulfilled all the technological and infrastructure requirements. It has set quality and sustainability as a priority at every stage of this production process.

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