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Pampa in Blue – Conical
Pampa in blue basinPampa in blue basinPampa in blue basin

Pampa in Blue – Conical


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Pampa in blue basin. This traditional Argentinean Pampas is a contemporary design that was created by the original natives more than 5000 years ago and has been carried on by the famous Argentine Cowboys, the Gauchos who roamed the rolling plains of the Pampas. Used today as an ornament in various pieces of traditional Gaucho craftsmanship.  The repetitive symmetry of the Pampa guard describes a mountain and lake that are connected, as are the Andres Mountains and the lakes, with the people of the land. Thus simply, this Pampa in blue basin speaks to us of origin, belonging, land, culture and unity.  This decorative hand painted wash basins design is a tribute to the Gauchos folkloric style.


  • 100% Handmade
  • Top Quality Clay
  • Maximum Hardness
  • Lead Free
  • Unalterable Colours
  • Easy to Clean
  • No overflow incorporated

Limited Edition –This item is in short supply and won’t be available once it runs out. 

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